“Wage Rights Seminar”: Speaker Atty. Michael Wynn

March 10, 2019 @ 12:45 pm
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WYNN LAW There Is An Epidemic of Wage Theft in America Today

​It has been estimated that employers nationwide steal an approximately $50 billion annually from their workers by not paying them all the wages they are entitled to. To give you some comparison to how crazy of a number this is, the estimated value of ALL property crime nationwide (robberies, burglaries, etc.) is only $15.6 billion. If you were to TRIPLE the amount of property crimes which occur every year in America, it would still not have the same dollar value as the amount of money employers wrongfully keep from their employees.In a big city environment like New York specifically, it has been estimated that 68% of workers are subject to some pay-related wage violation EVERY WEEK. This means that, statistically speaking, YOU are most likely not getting all of the wages you have worked so hard for. And if you’re a lower wage or unskilled workers, you are even more at risk, since employers generally believe they are more replaceable.