By Rev. Robert Emerick
-The living heart of Jesus’ teaching has two chambers: 1) Jesus taught Heaven On Earth now – in this life – he taught us to pray “your kingdom come; your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”* and, 2) Jesus taught that The Way – The Jesus Way – to work with God to accomplish this is to love as he loves.**
-Making Heaven on Earth through Jesus’ Way of Divine Love is God’s Way of Life.
-Jesus’ teaching and example fully express the essential principles of God’s will – God’s Way – for human life.
-The likeness of God*** within all of us – our Soul – is made of Divine Love, and is aware that Jesus told us the truth about God.
-God’s Spirit – the Holy Spirit – is Divine Love expressing itself for us, within us, among us, and through us, individually and collectively, to make Heaven on Earth for ALL people.
-Jesus’ Mission is to accomplish God’s Way of Life “on earth as it is in heaven.” This means being completely and continuously committed to human welfare, animal welfare, and the welfare of the earth, which supplies our air, water, and food.
-Jesus’ Mission is our Mission. The Church has no other legitimate purpose.
-In order to carry out Jesus’ Mission, we must use knowledge, skills, and resources to make Heaven on Earth.
-The Jesus Mission is always urgent because it comes from Divine Love, bringing Divine Love to life.
-Being Christian means we intentionally carry out Jesus’ Mission to make Heaven on Earth, by living Jesus’ Way of Love as God’s Way of Life.
*Gospel of Matthew 6:10 TEV **Gospel of John 13:34,35 TEV ***Genesis 1:26 TEV